Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have you ever heard of Jesse Ventura?

Late last year me and my fiance stumbled upon a television show on TruTV called "Conspiracy Theories". Now, before I officially get started here, let me just say that I never thought in a million years that someone else, next to Kevin Trudeau (the man behind the "Natural Cures" books) would have the gonads to address the real truth behind government cover-ups. Granted, there are a ton of skeptics out there who don't wanna believe that our own American government could possibly be conspiring against us in an effort to wipe out our country, maybe even the world. As I was watching Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories one evening, I started to realize that there could be more people out there like him and Kevin Trudeau who wants the American people to know what's really going on behind the white pillars in DC. Jesse Ventura is a former pro wrestler for the WWE, governor and mayor of Minnesota, and now he's a conspiracy representative. The man is a damn genius who illustrates a lot of the truth in his show, which I'm surprised yet glad hasn't been shut down. And the reason why I say this is simple. He's trying to let us know what the government is hiding or has hidden from us for many decades. The millions of skeptics out there who feel that people like Jesse Ventura is bullshitting everybody into believing that our government could possibly be behind just about every scandal/conspiracy/cover-up known to man, are the ones who need to open their eyes, and I'm talking WIDE.

The episodes I've seen so far uncover the 9/11 attacks, area 51, the JFK assassination, underground secret societies specifically designed for the possible coming of 2012, and the list goes on. I'm not a skeptic because it's really dumb to be so blind and just let things go. Ventura clearly dominates his theories to the highest degree by telling you the truth. He doesn't just say things or undo history for the sheer pleasure of ratings. My opinion is that we are being lied to..every minute of everyday and we're just being so damn stubborn to wanna hear it. We all have opinions about everyday things, however, we choose to continue to live our lives normally as though these issues that are written in our history and occurring in our present don't exist. Well, they do, and it's scary. We're being watched all the time, whether it's on our computers, on our cell phones, or just out in public. Big brother is watching our every move and they've tapped into personal things and areas that most people wouldn't think they would dive into. Just to get a little scientific here for a moment..There's a small satellite that hangs about 8000 feet above us that circles our planet and do you know what that satellite is doing? Tracking us, listening in our conversations. Remember the film Enemy of the State with Will Smith and how the government could pinpoint Smith's very location by just using the zoom in mechanism? That doesn't just occur in the movies people, that's going on right now in our reality. 9/11 didn't just happen, it was planned. The JFK assassination didn't just happen, that was also planned. There are special government spots located all over this country that no civilian can enter because it's restricted. The government wants to wipe us out. Look at the flu vaccine epidemic. For the last three years, all we have been hearing on the national and local news is how it's imperative that we humans get this flu shot because it's vital. The news media is run by the government. Everything we eat is manufactured, unless you're a vegetarian or go strictly organic, which is something Jesse Ventura does. His daughter has a disease that was caused by a vaccine. Most schools, colleges included, require all these vaccines to be taken before you can even enroll. The reasons behind this is something only the government has the answers too and they will never tell you why you have to get these vaccines but only that it's mandatory.

Area 51 has been a cold spot for quite some time now as well. People really want to know what the government has stashed there, and we've heard things like it's a place where E.T.s are placed, but it's something we'll never find out about. And that's where Jesse Ventura comes into play. He no longer wants to be under the jurisdiction of the government because he knows they're hiding things, A LOT of things, and they don't care how it affects the American people. As long as they're making a profit off of us and they're reeking in the benefits, they just don't care how we feel or what our opinions are because they're all about power and money and nothing else. Ventura once said that the government should be about the people and protecting the people and making sure things run smoothly in this country. Instead they're doing the complete opposite and want nothing more than eventually becoming the leaders of a whole new world of world domination. That's their goal. If you think for one minute that anything you say or do is gonna make a difference, you're severely mistaken. Sure they may listen, but it's going in through one ear and out the other. But you should check out Jesse Ventura's show Conspiracy Theories at and see for yourself what big brother is hiding.

Below is a current link to a representative of Memphis attacking Jesse Ventura for exposing the truth about an episode where he was talking about "Concentration Camps"..

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